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From: Thor Hammaraxx
RE: Making more money cloaking your affiliate links.

G'day Mate,

id you know you know you could be loosing a fortune?

Thousands of affiliate marketers are loosing out on their rightful commissions and they don't even know it. Could you be one of them?

started noticing that all the money that I was spending on advertising just to get people to click on my affiliate links was largely going to waste. Sure, it was bringing lots of traffic to my websites, I could see that in my statistics, but I wasn't making the kind of commissions that I thought I should be.

ow, I thought for a long time that was just the way it was on the Internet. But then one day, while at my friend Dave's place, Dave asked me what I thought of a product he'd just found on the Internet. It was a download for some plans to build an outdoor pond. He liked the price and said he was going to buy it.

oing over to look at his computer, I noticed that it was actually a blog post about the plans and the "buy it here" link was actually an affiliate link. I didn't think Dave noticed that, but to my amazement, Dave didn't click the link to buy the product. Instead he copied the URL and pasted into the address bar and then removed all of the information at the end of the URL, right back to the end of the ".com" and pressed enter on his keyboard.

n the main home page for the plans was a long list of available "do it yourself" plans. Dave had to search for the plan he wanted but there it was ready for him to buy it at the very same price. The only difference was that the blog poster would miss out on a commission once Dave purchased the plans.

I interrupted Dave before he bought the plans and asked him "Why did you just do that? Why did you strip that stuff out of the URL? You could have just clicked on the first link?"

His reply surprised me even more. "Oh, I don't know, I always do that... I just don't like not knowing what all that other stuff does so I take it off. It doesn't seem to matter, sometimes it does, but mostly it doesn't. I'm here now anyway."

I ended up convincing Dave to go back to the blog and buy the plans through the link there, which he did. After all it was them who lead Dave to the sale in the first place.

I Started Cloaking My Links And My Commissions More Than Doubled Instantly!

ave isn't the only one doing what he did. I went home that night and started researching URL forwarding, frames, JavaScript redirection etc. I was looking for the best solution to prevent all the Dave's out there from taking away my commissions.

 discovered that it was so common to loose commissions this way that it had its own name, "Commission Theft". I experimented with a number of methods to cloak my links. Some were better than others, but all methods were better than not cloaking at all.

ow that my affiliate links had all been cloaked, I hoped to see a few more sales leading to a few more commissions each month. What surprised me, was that they actually more than doubled. There are far more Dave's out there than I had imagined.

oogle Analytics
™ statistics for my websites showed no significant rise in overall traffic, yet I was seeing truckloads more sales conversions from my affiliate links and much higher commissions.

ver the next few months, I sharpened my cloaking methods and developed website software to simplify the process of creating and managing cloaked affiliate links. As time went on I also discovered that I could modify the same code to allow me to add my own content to any website on the Internet too.

Then everything got even better...

The software is clearly breakthrough cutting edge technology. I found myself setting up new campains in minutes, not hours, and literally 'stealing' leads from any targeted website, legally!
It wasn't just my commission income that was growing, my email lists were growing bigger and bigger and in record time too.

I sure owe Dave a lot for showing me how I was loosing so much money.

Access The Same Website Software. Increase & Protect Your Income Too!

magine opening up your inbox to find that your sales commissions has doubled overnight.
Now imagine having the power to create customised affiliate links, that people love to click, anytime you like in just a few seconds, without using any code and be able to add your own content to any webpage. Even from your mobile "smart" phone!

hink about how many more visitors you can expose directly to your affiliate link by not using a splash page, but instead putting your opt in form right on the sales page itself.
Imagine putting your own video or anything else on a competing website and doing all of this with a few clicks, without having to use any HTML code.

It's not a dream, It's now a reality...

Introducing DingoLinks 2.0

DingoLinks Affiliate link cloaking and content adding software

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DingoLinks version 2.0

Now in version 2, DingoLinks is the very best affiliate link management website software on the market.

More than just link cloaking, DingoLinks inserts your content into any website.

Add your opt in form and or videos right on any website that you choose to target. Take advantage of other websites traffic.

Grows your email list in record time by legally 'stealing' leads from any targeted Website even well established sites like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Wikipedia etc.

Simple clean administration interface that can even be accessed on your smart phone or tablet for managing and adding new links on the go.

Stop Commission Thieves!

Prevents commission theft by protecting your affiliate links. Visitors only see the custom URL that you create using your own domain name.

Stop Commission Thieves stealing your income by creating customized cloaked links turning an affiliate link like: into something much more interesting and more likely to be clicked like:

Built in Google Analytics™, just add your own websites ID code and your Google Analytics™ code will be used on each page so you can keep track your visitors. DingoLinks can also be used with the Google Website Optimizer™ tool or any other split testing service.

Very easy to install, upload less than 1mb of files to your webserver and run the included install wizard. Full instructions provided as well as "How to" videos and full support via an online helpdesk.

You get Dingo Links for a single payment with unlimited access to free updates for all registered owners. No ongoing membership fees!

No risk 100 day money back guarantee.

MainCloaking Features of DingoLinks

*Prevent "Commission Theft".

*Create cloaked links in seconds.

*Create your own customized URLs that people love to click.

*Add your own content to any website, even videos.

*Quickly add any YouTube™ video to your added content.

*Your content loads instantly or appears after an interval you set.

*Set an alternative error page if the target website is down.

Other Features of DingoLinks

*Includes an install wizard for an easy installation on your website.

*Text based data storage. No database required.

*Nice clean administration control panel.

*Quickly view all of your existing affiliate links.

*Manage, hide or add directories for your links.

*Option to use subdomain URLs for your links.

*Manage and edit your existing links anytime.

*Built in Google Analytics™ for each link.

*Built in Tweet to Twitter function (that works).

*Includes 5 content templates including 2 video templates.

*Includes built in help videos.

*Full ongoing support via the developer's online helpdesk.

*All future updates to the software are free to registered owners.

MainCloaking Features of DingoLinks

*A Webserver with PHP installed.

*Winzip or other unzipping software.

*FTP sofware or another method to upload files to your server.

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It's More Than Just A Cloaking Tool...

Because DingoLinks puts your content on any website, you can also use it to add your opt in forms, video or anything else to show visitors to your special DingoLink.

*Create a custom URL for any webpage.

*Keep track of your links traffic with built in Google Analytics™.

*Sort Links using directories and or subdomains.

*Add your opt in autoresponder form code to any website.

*Replaces annoying splash screens with better results.

*Your content is displayed on the target Webpage instantly or at a time interval you set.

*Use your personalised URLs in your emails for a better click response.
Your readers will have greater trust clicking a link with your domain name in the URL.

*Use your custom links in any media.

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Wishing you all the very best success for the future.
Rock on!

Thor Hammaraxx & Mercy the Dingo


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